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You will not be leaving Anater Lebanese Restaurant hungry, that much we can guarantee. Instead you’ll be full of hot, cold and wonderfully varied mezza, fresh seafood, meat from the grill and punchy, exciting salad, all of which, we might add, is as genuinely Lebanese as it’s possible to find in Sydney.

On Forest Road in Bexley, Anater Lebanese Restaurant offers something a bit different and it’s a very pleasant trip indeed. Expect neatly presented plates of food, a stylish dining space and a warm welcome.

A simply cracking restaurant by all accounts so be sure to reserve a table way ahead of time.


Anater Banquet - 55pp (min 4)


tabouli, fattoush

Cold Mezza

carrots, lupini, hommos, baba ghannouj, labni, vine leaves

Hot Mezza

arnabeet, fried kebbeh, sambousik, batata bil kizbara


mixed grills (lamb, kafta and shish tawook skewers)


backlawa, turkish delight

Royal Banquet - 110pp (min 4)


tabouli, fattoush, Anater salad

Cold Mezza

carrots, lupini, mixed nuts, pickles, hommos, baba ghannouj, labni, vine leaves, batata bil kizbara, shankleesh, smoked eggplant

Hot Mezza

arnabeet, fried kebbeh, sambousic, makanek, samki harra, samak bizri


mixed grills (lamb, kafta and shish tawook)


backlawa, turkish delight

Layali Anater Banquet - from 65pp

Exclusive mezza

a rich selection of our hot & cold mezza together with your choice of mixed grills or ouzi

Soft drinks

coke, lemonade or fanta

Live entertainment*

*On request and when available

Live performances by a selection of lebanese singers and entertainers.

Kids Banquet - 35

6-12 years

tabouli, hommos, carrots, labni, hot chips, kebbeh, sambousic & choice of 2 skewers (lamb, kafta or shish tawook)

Cold Mezza

Mixed Dip Platter 25

hommos, hommos chilli, baba ghannouj & labneh, served with fried bread

Hommos 12 [V.G]

chickpea blended to perfection with tahini, garlic & lemon juice

Hommos Chilli 15 [V.G]

chickpeas blended to perfection with tahini, garlic, lemon juice & chilli

Baba Ghannouj 15 [V.G]

smoked eggplant blended with garlic, tahini & lemon juice

Labneh 12 [G]

traditional lebanese yoghurt served with crisp bread

Labneh with Garlic 15 [G]

traditional lebanese yoghurt smoothed with garlic & mint

Kebbeh Nayyi 22

fresh raw finely minced lamb, crushed wheat & aromatic spices served with fresh mint & olive oil

Garlic Dip 10 [V.G]

fresh garlic blended with oil & fresh lemon juice

Shankleesh 18 [G]

aged country style cheese, topped with herbs & mixed with tomato, shallots & parsley

Smoked Eggplant 22 [V.G]

grilled smoked eggplant mixed with onion, tomato, capsicum, parsley & fresh lemon juice

Loubie Bzeit 18 [V.G]

tendered slow cooked green beans in garlic, onion and tomato puree

Bemieh Bzeit 20 [V.G]

tendered slow cooked okra in garlic & tomato puree

Pickle Plate 12 [V.G]

cucumber, turnip, chillies & olives

[V] = vegan - [G] = gluten free

Hot Mezza

Hommos Anater 18 [v]

blended chickpea topped with pan fried minced meat & golden pine nuts

Falafel 12 [V.G]

ground chickpeas mixed with chef’s special herbs & spices served with pickles & tahini sauce

Arnabeet 12 [V.G]

golden brown cauliflower served with tahini sauce

Fried Eggplant 15 [V.G]

pan fried golden brown slices of eggplant, served with yogurt

Grilled Haloumi 18 [G]

served with tomato & olives

Fried Kebbeh 15

lamb croquette with burghal, filled with mince meat, onion & golden pine nuts

Sambousik Meat 15

homemade pastry filled with mince, golden pine nuts, onion & chef’s special spices

Sambousik Cheese 16

homemade pastry filled with feta cheese & parsley

Batata bil kizbara 15 [V.G]

cubed potato tossed with coriander, garlic & fresh lemon juice

Vine Leaves 15 [v.g]

wrapped & filled with rice tomato, parsley & fresh lemon juice

Cabbage Roll 18

filled with mince meat, rice & fresh lemon juice

Foul Mudammas 15 [V.G]

cooked fava beans, garlic, olive oil & fresh lemon juice

Chicken Liver 18

sautéed with lemon & garlic

Sujuk 20

sautéed in tomato & onion

Makanek 20

traditional lebanese sausages seared in lemon juice

Shawarma Chicken 25

chicken strips marinated in chef’s traditional spices with onion, vinegar & lemon juice

Shawarma Lamb 28

lamb strips marinated in chef’s traditional spices with tahini, onion, vinegar & fresh lemon juice

Lebanese Garlic Bread 5 [V]

lebanese bread filled with chef’s special garlic paste, grilled for the perfect crunchy garlic bread sensation.

Hot Chips 8 [V]

golden straight cut potato

[V] = vegan - [G] = gluten free


Tabouli 16/20

fine chopped parsley, tomato, shallots, mint & crushed wheat dressed with lemon juice & olive oil

Rocket Salad 16

rocket leaf with zesty lemon juice

Anater Salad 25

rocket, walnuts, pomegranate, figs, cheese topped with balsamic dressing

Fattoush 15/18

lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, capsicum, radish, mint, parsley, sumac topped with crisp bread and dressed with fresh lemon juice & olive oil

Fattoush Anater 16/20

lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, capsicum, radish, mint, parsley, crisp bread dressed with pomegranate molasses, fresh lemon juice & olive oil


Mixed Grill 25

1x lahem mishwee, 1x shish tawook
& 1x kafta served with garlic dip

Lahem Mishwee 25

3 skewers of lamb, capsicum & onion, served on a bed of parsley & onion

Shish Tawook 25

3 skewers of marinated chicken breast served on a bed of parsley & onion with chef’s special garlic dip

Kafta 25

3 grilled fine mince lamb skewers with parsley, onion & spice served on a bed of parsley & onion

Flame Grilled Chicken 25

char grilled chicken pieces marinated with chef’s special spice served on a bed of parsley & onion with garlic dip

extra skewers: 8 ea


Chicken Ouzi 32

delicately spiced rice topped with tender chicken pieces & golden roasted nuts, served with yoghurt & mint dip

Lamb Ouzi 32

delicately spiced rice with slow cooked lamb pieces served with golden roasted nuts, served with yoghurt & mint dip

Rice Ouzi 22

delicately spiced rice topped with minced meat, served with yoghurt & mint dip

Lebanese Rice 10

traditional boiled rice with egg noodle


Whiting 36

sautéed whiting fish served with crisp bread, hot chips & tahini sauce

Bizri 22

sautéed white bait served with lemon & tahini sauce

Grilled Fish 32

grilled dori fillets, served with chef's special sauce

Sizzling Prawns 34

sautéed with tomato, coriander & garlic

BBQ King Prawns 36

grilled king prawns immersed with garlic sauce

Samke Harra 42

dory fillet simmered in spiced tahini & coriander, topped with golden roasted nuts


Mixed Platter 35

hommos, baba ghannouj, tabouli, 1 kebbeh, 1sambousik, 1 lahem mishwee, 1 shish tawook & 1 kafta served with garlic dip

Vegetarian Platter 25

hommos, falafel, arnabeet, batata bil kizbara, vine leaves & fried eggplant

Anater Specials

MUST be pre-ordered. Simply call us on
02 8084 8580
or email us on bookings@anater.com.au to speak to our chef and place your order.

Nayyi Platter 55

delicacy of our fresh raw meats combination, kebbeh, kafta, liver, diced fattayal & zow’ra

Asbeh Sowda 22

traditional delicacy of fresh liver diced served with fresh mint & onion

Kafta Nayyi 22

fresh mince meat blended with parsley, onion & mixed spices & olive oil

Fawaregh Mahshieh P.O.A

sheep sausages thoroughly cleaned with lemon, coarse salt and vinegar and stuffed with minced meat, rice and spices

Samkeh Harrah P.O.A

baked whole fish

we can also prepare any dish on request. please ask

Kids Menu

Nuggets & Chips 12

nuggets & hot chips

Kids Platter 18

nuggets, hot chips & 1 skewer of your choice (lamb, tawook or kafta)

Additional Skewer 8

Sauces Available (Tomato, Barbecue, Chilli and Garlic) $2.00 extra • Our food is freshly cooked in vegetable oil • All meals are served with Lebanese bread • Additional charges apply to changes • All prices include GST • 10% surcharge on public holidays.

Drinks & Desserts


Short Black 5

Long Black 5

Macchiato 5

Piccolo Latte 5

Flat White 5

Cappuccino 5

Coffee Latte 5

Chai Latte 6

Mocha 6

Hot Chocolate 6

Vienna 6

Affigato 6

Lebanese Coffee 6/12/15


Black Tea 5

Black Tea with Fresh Mint 6

Black Tea with Cinnamon 6

Earl Grey 5

English Breakfast 5

Peppermint 5

Green Tea 5

Camomile 5

Iced Tea

Lemon 5

Peach 5

Cold Refreshments

Still Water 10

Sparkling Water 12

Coco Cola 5/12

Coke Zero 5/12

Sprite 5/12

Pink Lemonade 5/12

Fanta 5/12

Lift 5/12

Soda Water 5/12

Tonic Water 5/12

Lemon Lime & Bitters 5

Traditional Lemonada

Fresh Lemonada 10

Fresh Lemonada + Mint 12

Smoothies & Shakes

Ice Cream Smoothies

Banana 15

banana & vanilla ice cream

Strawberry 15

fresh strawberries & vanilla ice cream

Milk Shakes

Milk Shake 12

strawberry, banana, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, passionfruit, mango


California Wave 16

mango, coconut, banana, fruit juice

Happy Hawaii 16

pineapple, banana, coconut, pineapple juice

Mango Berry 16

blueberries, strawberry, mango, apple juice

Banana Berry Blast 16

blueberries, strawberry, banana, soy milk

The Green Hornet 16

spinach, broccoli, coconut, banana, cinnamon, soy milk

Banana Nutter Butter 16

banana, peanut butter, skim milk

Tropical Blast 16

orange, strawberry, banana, fruit juice

Tutti Frutti 16

banana, pineapple, strawberry, orange, pineapple juice

The Green Machine 16

spinach, banana, pineapple, mango, coconut juice


Backlawa 4

sweet pastry made of layers filled with chopped nuts, held together with syrup

Turkish Delight 8

Jelly rose water flavoured squares

Rice Pudding 15

Rice cooked in milk with a hint of orange blossom water dusted in cinnamon

Mhalabiya 12

Milk Pudding topped with crushed nuts and syrup

Knefe 16

Cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup

Banana Split 15

vanilla ice cream in banana slices with choice of topping

Vanilla Ice Cream (2 scoops) 8

toppings: chocolate, strawberry, caramel, mango, passionfruit, raspberry

Fruit Platter 25/45/65


Orange Head POA

Apple Head POA

Pineapple Head POA

Ask staff for other available flavours

Nibblies Platter

Carrots, lupini 15

Carrots 12

Lupini 12